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Solo travel is freedom. It is one of the quickest paths to personal growth & empowerment!

Have you been dreaming about it, but unsure if you have the confidence to travel solo? If so, Dream To Destination is the solo female travel podcast for you!

Join me to learn the tried & true tips, tricks & mindset hacks I used while traveling solo in Mexico for over 2 years!

You’ll also hear from other solo female travelers on how they have done the same 👯‍♀️

If you’re ready to turn your Dream of solo travel into your Destination, this podcast was made for you.

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Wonderful insights on solo travel & Mexico

Love this podcast! Shelley offers super helpful, actionable tips and insights into solo travel and Mexico travel. She’s so encouraging and really helps boost my confidence when it comes to traveling alone. Can’t wait for more episodes!!!

— canuckster88

Informative and Entertaining

Great for any traveler, both old and new. Very sincere, from somone who has been there, and done that. I loved the Joseph Campbell references, and they fit the topic. This is not just about travel, but personal growth that comes through your travel experience. Listen up!

— HealthyAPPetite

¡Mas fina!

Shelly + Mexico = YES ALL THE WAY!!! Shelly has created such a beautiful, funny and real approach to travel (solo or not) in Mexico! Her tips and experience can help anyone from beginner to seasoned traveler find more from Mexico. This podcast is vivid served with a welcome dose of reality!

— Vanessa A Q

Lots of Fun! Good Tips! Not just for women 😉

Shelley is upbeat, inspiring and fun in the way she shares her experiences. You can feel her enthusiasm for solo travel, especially now after overcoming initial fears that we all have. Great stuff, good insights! Keep it up!

— CancelParkMobile

Journey through photos

I love me some Instagram! Follow along on my photo journey chronicling the last 2+ years spent traveling throughout beautiful, colorful Mexico.

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