About Me: Hi, I’m Shelley — and this is my blog about Mexico travel, solo travel, and solo Mexico travel!

¡Hola! I’m Shelley…

…a former Miami travel magazine editor who ditched the office for the world!

Well, that’s the short, sweet and neat version. The real version’s a little more imperfect, a lot more scary, and actually, I became a solo traveler on accident when my travel buddy decided to return home 😳 and I stayed in Mexico.

Like most unplanned things, this Mexico solo travel adventure empowered me in ways I could never have imagined! In fact, I realized traveling solo is much easier than with a travel buddy. Who knew!?

I explored Mexico for about a year straight, going all over Central Mexico, Southern Mexico and the Pacific Coast, at my own pace. In July 2019, I officially moved to the Yucatan Peninsula city of Mérida, considered the safest place in Mexico.

Through my two sites, and Dream To Destination podcast, I dispel solo travel myths and Mexico travel misinformation, to provide travelers with accurate info — from someone who actually lives in Mexico and travels solo in Mexico often.

In short, I help women like you cross solo travel and Mexico travel off your bucket list. If you’ve been dreaming of Mexico travel and solo travel in Mexico, you’re in the right place!

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.”Rachel Wolchin

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