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I wish this question had an official answer — but it doesn’t. Statistically speaking, travelers are quite safe in Mexico; though you’ll need to remain aware of your surroundings more as a solo traveler (in Mexico, and anywhere).

As safety is a complex topic, I do my best to tackle it in this article, Is Mexico Safe? 25 Tips to Stay Safe in Mexico, and this podcast, Tips for safe solo travel in Mexico.

What I can definitively say about Mexico safety is that I have been safe as a solo female traveler who has been to half the states in Mexico — and so have countless other women!

Check out this article, Mexico Solo Travel: 20 SAFE Destinations for Female Travelers, to get Mexico destination suggestions from solo female travelers who have actually been.

If you think about it, safety is never a guarantee — not while going on vacation alone, not in your hometown, and not even in your own home. (That’s not meant to scare you, by the way!)

Statistically speaking, driving your car to and from work is much more dangerous than traveling alone. The real difference here is that maybe one or two people will tell you to be careful while driving to work — while everyone you know will warn you about solo travel.

For me, solo travel safety came down to me making my own safety my #1 top priority. I also listened to my intuition, avoided unsafe situations and people I had a bad feeling about, and a few other tricks you can read about here, How to Travel Alone for the First Time: 10 Useful Solo Travel Tips.

This is one of my favorite myths to dispel — That solo travel is only for extroverts.

Personally, I think solo travel is best suited for introverts. Sound illogical?! Think about it: Extroverts don’t crave and need a lot of alone time, so they’d probably make terrible solo travelers for that reason alone.

However, many first time solo travelers feel anxious about how they’re going to meet people. This is a perfectly normal thought before a solo trip, but there are plenty  of ways to meet people — in fact, it’s easier to meet people when you’re alone, as you’re more approachable.

Discover all the ways you can meet people as a solo traveler in this article, Solo Travel Anxiety: 5 Common Triggers & How to Overcome Them, and this podcast, Heather’s 11 Tips for making friends during solo travel.

In all honesty, yes, you probably will feel all of these feeling at some point. However, the real question here is — Are you “shoulding” all over your trip?!

Just what does that cheeky pun mean?

It means you’re likely telling yourself something along the lines of: “I should feel happy, joyful and amazing at all times on this trip. I should not feel homesick, lonely or bored ever while on this solo trip.”

Feeling lonely and bored are two normal human emotions — and you can really only feel homesick while you’re away from home! Head to this article, Scared to Travel Alone? 10 Tips on How to Embrace Solo Travel, to see why you just might get homesick, but why you shouldn’t let it bother you.

While no two solo travelers are the same, there’s no one size fits all for how to prepare for your first trip alone.

One thing most will want to be aware of is their mindset. You’ll likely start feeling nervous or anxious leading up to the trip. In this case, make sure to keep reminding yourself these feelings are normal! In fact, it would be weird if you weren’t feeling them.

Some women will feel more excited than nervous, which is normal as well. In this case, channel that energy into doing research about your destination — what sites do you want to see, best neighborhoods in tow and ones you want to avoid, how you’re getting from the airport to your accommodation, etc.

Check out this article, Going On Vacation Alone: 30 Tips for Solo Female Travelers, for more tips from fellow women who travel alone. 

This can happen! In fact, this happened to me in one of the travel destinations I built up too much in my head — only to be let down.

For this reason, I always recommend having an Exit Strategy or Plan B. Want to know what I mean by that? Check out 5 Reasons to Visit Mexico: Why Mexico is Perfect for U.S. Travelers for more info on the importance of having a solid Plan B.

If you’re considering Mexico solo travel, you’ll also discover why Mexico makes a great first time solo travel destination, especially for U.S. travelers who are already so close by.

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