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Hi, I’m Shelley…

I help women like you cross Solo Travel and Mexico Travel off your bucket list!

I’m a former Miami travel magazine editor who ditched the office for the world!

Well… that’s the short, sweet and neat version. The real version’s a little more imperfect, a lot more scary and actually, I became a solo traveler on accident 😳

Like most unplanned things, it empowered me in ways I never imagined!

Take The Hero’s Journey with me, and see why I say Solo travel is the quickest form of therapy ⤵

Solo Travel Podcast

A podcast about Solo travel, Mexico travel and solo travel in Mexico

Solo travel is freedom. It is one of the quickest paths to personal growth and empowerment!

Have you been dreaming about it, but unsure if you have the confidence to travel solo? If so, Dream To Destination is the solo female travel podcast for you!

Dreaming of traveling to Mexico? All the solo travel podcast content centers around Mexico travel — though, it’s totally applicable to solo travel in all countries. 

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A Top Rated Podcast on Feedspot

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A Top Rated Podcast on Feedspot

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¡Mexico es mágico!

Mexico is magical! From beaches and mountains, to colonial cities and pueblos magicos (magic towns), tropical cenotes and cactus-filled deserts, Mexico has something for everyone.

I have traveled solo to 14 of 32 states in Mexico now, and even lived in 3 — Mexico City, Oaxaca and Yucatan State (Merida)! Now, I use my expertise and knowledge to help with Mexico trip planning.

Time is our one non-renewable resource, so save yours with my travel planning help.

Solo Travel Blogs

5 STAR Solo Female Travel Podcast: Dream To Destination

Looking for a Solo Female Travel Podcast?  You’ve found it — the Dream To Destination podcast is a solo travel podcast meets Mexico travel podcast… and sometimes, a podcast about solo travel in Mexico. Tune in each Monday, when host Shelley and guests discuss...

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How to Travel Alone for the First Time: 10 Useful Tips

Ready to learn how to travel alone for the first time? You landed (🛬 pun intended) on the right blog, as I have traveled solo for years now!

Solo Travel FAQ

Will I be safe as a solo female traveler?

I wish this question has an officially official answer, but it doesn’t. What I can definitively tell you is that I have been safe as a solo female traveler & so have countless other women! Check out my blog Mexico Solo Travel: How to be Safe and Crush It to see how I did it.

Am I too introverted/shy to travel solo?

One of my favorite myths to dispell! Honestly, I really think solo travel is best suited for introverts. Sound illogical?! Think about it: Extroverts don’t crave that level of alone time, so they’d probably make terrible solo travelers. Want more reasons introverts make the ideal solo traveler? Head to this blog, 5 Effective Ways to Overcome Solo Travel Anxiety.

Will I get homesick/lonely/bored while solo traveling?

Honestly… you probably will feel all of these feeling at some point. However, the real question here is — Are you “shoulding” all over your trip?!

Just what does that cheeky pun mean? It means are you telling yourself “this is how I should feel while I’m travling solo.” By thinking that it would be bad to feel homesick, you’re basically turning a very normal emotion into something to be feared. Make sense? 

Head to the Afraid to Travel Alone? These 5 Powerful Tips Will Help blog to see why you just might get homesick, but why you shouldn’t let it bother you.

How do I prepare for my first solo trip?

First off, YASS! It sounds like you’re really considering solo travel!

So, let’s talk mindset: From learning how to love being solo, to embracing the uncertainty of traveling alone, to how to hear your intuition — I covered it all in my Your First Trip Alone: How Social Distancing Prepared You blog.

What if I don't like the place I'm visiting?

This can happen! It has, in fact, happened to me in the travel destinations I’ve built up too much in my head. For this reason, I always recommend having an Exit Strategy or Plan B. Check out 5 Reasons Why Mexico is One of the Best First Time Solo Travel Destinations for more info on what I mean about having a Plan B.

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