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Hi, I’m Shelley…

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I help women cross Solo Travel & Mexico Travel off their bucket list!

I’m a former Miami travel magazine editor who ditched the office for the world!

Well… that’s the short & sweet & neat version. The real version is a little more imperfect, a lot more scary & actually, I became a solo traveler by accident 😳

Like most unplanned things, however, it has empowered & fulfilled me in ways I could never have imagined!

Click to link below to take The Hero’s Journey with me, and see why I say Solo Travel is the quickest form of therapy!

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Wonderful insights on solo travel & Mexico

Love this podcast! Shelley offers super helpful, actionable tips and insights into solo travel and Mexico travel. She’s so encouraging and really helps boost my confidence… ~canuckster88


Amazing podcast.

This podcast is amazing. Really helpful tips on how to confidently travel solo. This is scary as a woman, but the host breaks it down well. ~Rach 613


Helpful, motivational & fun listen!

Besides great tips on traveling solo, this podcast is super motivational, funny and well put together. It also clears up some common misconceptions about Mexico… ~gidgetwhite


¡Mas fina!

Shelley has created such a beautiful, funny and real approach to travel (solo or not) in Mexico! Her tips and experience can help anyone from beginner to seasoned traveler find more from Mexico…

~Vanessa A Q


Informative for solo travelers

I’m so glad I found this podcast. I was looking for one about how to travel alone & there are so few, so I’m glad I found this one. It has great info so far. ~Ghsbddjs


Awesome Podcast!!!

Hearing some of Shelley’s personal stories on her solo travel experience and interactive exercises give me a different perspective on traveling solo… ~AmyFJ11


Informative and Entertaining

Great for any traveler, both old and new. Very sincere, from somone who has been there… This is not just about travel, but personal growth that comes through your travel experience. ~HealthyAPPetite



Fantastic podcast for anyone thinking of solo traveling. Shelley is so informative! As a long term solo traveler myself, 100% recommend ~csherring89


Lots of Fun! Good Tips! Not just for women 😉

Shelley is upbeat, inspiring and fun in the way she shares her experiences. You can feel her enthusiasm for solo travel, especially now after overcoming initial fears that we all have. ~CancelParkMobile

colorful trajineras, gondola-style boats, at Xochimilco.

Solo Travel FAQ

Will I be safe as a solo female traveler?

I wish this question has an officially official answer, but it doesn’t. What I can definitively tell you is that I have been safe as a solo female traveler & so have countless other women! Check out my blog Mexico Solo Travel: How to be Safe and Crush It to see how I did it.

Am I too introverted/shy to travel solo?

One of my favorite myths to dispell! Honestly, I really think solo travel is best suited for introverts. Sound illogical?! Think about it: Extroverts don’t crave that level of alone time, so they’d probably make terrible solo travelers. Want more reasons introverts make the ideal solo traveler? Head to this blog, 5 Effective Ways to Overcome Solo Travel Anxiety.

Will I get homesick/lonely/bored while solo traveling?

Are you “shoulding” all over your trip?! What does that cheeky pun mean? It means are you telling yourself “this is how I should feel while I’m travling solo?” Head to the Afraid to Travel Alone? These 5 Powerful Tips Will Help blog to see why you just might get homesick, but you shouldn’t let it bother you.

How do I prepare for my first solo trip?

First off, YASS! It sounds like you’re really considering solo travel! So, let’s talk mindset! From learning how to love being solo, to embracing the uncertainty of traveling alone, to how to hear your intuition — I covered it all in my Your First Trip Alone: How Social Distancing Prepared You blog.

What if I don't like the place I'm visiting?

This can happen! It has, in fact, happened to me in the travel destinations I’ve built up too much in my head. For this reason, I always recommend having an Exit Strategy or Plan B. Check out 5 Reasons Why Mexico is One of the Best First Time Solo Travel Destinations for more info on what I mean about having a Plan B.

Mexico Travel



From beaches and mountains, to colonial cities and pueblos mágicos (magic towns), and even Mexico’s gorgeous cenotes, there’s really something for everyone in this country!

I have traveled solo to 14 of 32 states in Mexico now, and even lived in 3 — Mexico City, Oaxaca & Yucatán State (Mérida)!

Now, I use my expertise and knowledge to help with Mexico trip planning. Time is our one non-renewable resource, so save yours with my help.

small fishing boat on the shore of a beach town

Mexico City (CDMX)

North America’s biggest (and dare I say, coolest!) city. From hip neighborhoods, to Aztec history, to street art, and of course, delicious tacos, there’s nowhere on Earth that’s quite like CDMX.

Yucatán Peninsula

It’s all in the Yucatán! Go from the beaches of Tulum + Holbox Island, to the colonial cities of Merida + Valladolid, to the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza & Coba… and so much more.

Oaxaca: City + Beaches

Oaxaca City + Coastal Oaxaca are world’s apart! From world-class surfing in Puerto Escondido, to world-class eating in Oaxaca City, you can’t go wrong with Oaxaca.

Guanajuato City

Get your camera ready! Guanajuato is home to two of Mexico’s most picturesque destinations: San Miguel de Allende + Guanajuato City. 

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