25 Best Things to Do in Guanajuato Mexico in 2021

Looking for the best things to do in Guanajuato, Mexico?

This top Mexico travel destination and UNESCO World Heritage Site has hundreds — but let’s start by exploring the 25 most best things to see, do and eat in Guanajuato City, the capital of Guanajuato state.

🎁 BONUS: All 25 have been pinned to the handy Guanajuato, Mexico Map below for you.

Located in Central Mexico, about five hours by car and bus from Mexico City, Guanajuato has been a popular place for Mexican national tourism for decades. Nowadays, thanks to social media and YouTube, more and more foreign visitors are discovering this colorful, colonial city.

Formerly a Mexico mining town, Guanajuato now relies on tourism as its main source of income — though it still manages to retain an authentic cultural feel.

If you’re looking to explore more of Guanajuato’s history, you can still visit some of the old mines, located just outside of downtown. When staying in Guanajuato City itself, you can walk or ask a taxi driver to take you through the underground tunnels that connect the city.

Besides the mines, Guanajuato is a very artistic, lively town. There are several art colleges and universities, and a large student population, which adds a youthful feel to this historic town. Though somewhat off the beaten path, Guanajuato is definitely worth visiting!

Ready to discover the 25 can’t miss places in Guanajuato? Let’s get to it. After you check out the things to see, do and eat, keep scrolling for a Guanajuato Mexico travel guide, to learn everything you need to know to visit Guanajuato like a pro.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

Your FREE Guanajuato Map

From the Guanajuato Mummy Museum and the picturesque Alley of the Kiss, to the best Guanajuato tacos and an authentic cantina, this map will get you to all the best things to do, eat and see in Guanajuato.

If you’re planning to book a Guanajuato tour, awesome choice! — But if not, the map can serve as a great way to discover the must see Guanajuato sites.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

Best Guanajuato Streets

1. Alley of the Kiss

El Callejon del Beso (The Alley of the Kiss) is located on a narrow, winding alleyway. You’ll find it just behind the Plaza de Los Angeles on a quiet, narrow, cobblestone street.

If there was ever a Mexican Romeo & Juliet story, it took place on these two balconies with a tale of two star-crossed lovers from many years ago.

Nowadays, visitors recreate their kisses across these two nearly-touching balconies in the Guanajuato Alley of the Kiss, a must see Guanajuato sightseeing stop.

two balconies in colorful orange buildings nearly touching each other, and a man and woman leaning arcoss one another and kissing | Alley of the Kiss | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
Visit the Callejón del Beso Guanajuato, one of the must see Guanajuato City landmarks. (Photo: Gilles Frechette via Flickr)

📸 Want beautiful Guanajuato photos? Hire Sac, a local Guanajuato woman, to take you to the most iconic places for the best photos!

Narrow, colorful alleyway | Alley of the Kiss | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
Narrow, colorful alleyway | Alley of the Kiss | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico

The story of the Guanajuato alley of the kiss

According to legend, the daughter of a wealthy Guanajuato family had a bedroom window overlooking the alley. Gazing out of her window one day, she spotted a handsome young man. The two eventually fell madly in love, though sadly, their love was forbidden because he didn’t come from a wealthy family.

To keep their romance a secret, the young man rented a room in the building next to hers. The balconies from their two rooms were so close they nearly touched, and this proximity provided the loophole they needed so they could kiss from across the balconies and still remain in their respective homes.

Unfortunately, the girl’s father eventually found out, and similar to Romeo & Juliet, this story had a tragic ending. Today, however, the legacy of their love lives on. Each week, thousands visit the balconies in The Alley of the Kiss to photograph themselves kissing like these star-crossed lovers once did.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

2. Calle del Truco

According to Guanajuato legend, this street is haunted, so you might want to explore it during the day! It is said the ghost of a man named Martín, who lost his fortune and then committed suicide, wanders this street, the very one the casino (AKA truco, or “trick house”) he lost everything in once stood.

🍽🍷 Pro Tip: After strolling this street for a bit, head to Truco 7, one of the best Guanajuato restaurants.

Guanajuato actually has several legends like this one and the legend of the Callejon del Beso (Alley of the Kiss); both may or may not be true. One thing’s for certain, though, the Calle del Truco is one of the nicest streets in Guanajuato.

Want to learn more of Guanajuato’s fascinating history? 💃 Book the Premium Guanajuato Historic Tour now!

colorful colonial street of Calle del Truco | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
Stroll the beautiful Calle del Truco, one of the prettiest streets in Guanajuato.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

3. Calle De Sopeña

Another one of the most beautiful streets in Guanajuato — and if you spent about an hour leisurely walking the Calle de Sopeña, you’d see a good amount of the top sites in Guanajuato. Start your walk at the Jardin de la Union and walk until the street ends at the Templo de San Francisco.

colorful colonial street of Calle de Sopena | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
Head to Calle de Sopeña to see the festive papel picado, these colorful Mexican folk art flags. (Photo: Más Guanajuato via Facebook)

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

4. Calle Subterreanea

There is almost a second Guanajuato right under the city itself. Guanajuato was once a bustling mining town, and has a system of complex tunnels and underground passageways. Both cars and pedestrians used the Guanajuato tunnels to get around the city today.

📍 The pin on the map marked “Calle Subterranea” (Underground Street), will lead you to one of the more Instagram worthy Guanajuato tunnels, though there are several others throughout the city.

Entryway to a tunnel street | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
Check out Guanajuato’s iconic underground streets and tunnels.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

Best Guanajuato Museums & Monuments

5. Guanajuato Mummy Museum

The Museo de las Momias (Museum of the Mummies) is the top attraction in Guanajuato — but also one of the most unusual things to do in Guanajuato. For those seeking out dark tourism in Mexico, this is considered one of the top places in the whole country.

While the Guanajuato Mummies Museum might not be not for everyone, since the 100-plus mummies of Guanajuato are real human bodies, it is a unique experience you can only have here. If you’re unsure if you’ll like it or not, it’s worth checking out to see since admission is under $5USD.

story of the Guanajuato MUMMIES

Wondering about the Guanajuato mummy story? From 1870 to late-1950, Guanajuato’s government enforced what they called a burial tax or grave tax on all buried bodies. If the living relatives of the deceased failed to pay the tax for three consecutive years, the government had the body exhumed.

Given Guanajuato’s extremely dry soil, the bodies stayed very well preserved and came out of the ground essentially mummified. By the time the government stopped the grave tax in 1958, the city had so many mummified bodies that they decided to create a museum.

mummified human body | Guanajuato Mummy Museum | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
mummified human bodies | Guanajuato Mummy Museum | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
mummified human body | Guanajuato Mummy Museum | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico

How to get to the Guanajuato Mummy Museum

Guanajuato Mummy Museum Address: Explanada del Panteón Municipal s/n, Centro, 36000 Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico

Walk: The museum is close enough to Downtown Guanajuato to walk. If you walk, keep in mind that Guanajuato is a hilly town, and this is a mildly-strenuous uphill walk in some parts.

Bus: Catch the public bus marked Las Momias (The Mummies) along Avenida Juarez (Juarez Ave.) in downtown. The bus costs about $10 pesos (50¢) each way.

Uber/Taxi: The third option is to take an Uber or a taxi. From Downtown Guanajuato, this should cost no more than $100 pesos ($5USD) each way.

Guanajuato Mummy Museum Tickets: $85 pesos ($4.50USD)

large stone statue of a man holding a flaming torch, Pipila Monument | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
Visit the El Pipila Monument located atop a hill overlooking all of Guanajuato. (Photo: pegatina1 via Flickr)

6. Monumento al Pipila

If you want cityscape shots and panoramic views of Guanajuato, the Monumento al Pipila is your place. This monument is a tribute to a local Guanajuato hero named Juan José de los Reyes Martínez Amaro, AKA “El Pipila,” one of the major heroes in Mexican folk tales.

Guanajuato funicular

The climb to the Pipila Monument is easy and should take less than 15 minutes. However, you can also take the Guanajuato Funicular (uphill tram/cable car) up for a unique experience and some amazing city views along the way.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

7. Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera

Located outside of Downtown Guanajuato, but just an Uber ride away, is this beautiful ex-hacienda-turned-museum. Stepping into the Museo Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera is like going back in time, and every inch of this property is incredibly picturesque.

Opened as a museum in 1979, Captain Gabriel de Barrera’s grand hacienda still features many of the opulent European period furnishings from when his family lived there. Spend some time wandering the gardens, eating at the cafe, and taking in the opulence of this fully-restored hacienda.

🎨👩‍🎨 Take the Watercolor at the Botanical Garden Tour at this hacienda! The gardens are so beautiful, many go there to spend a relaxing day painting them.

historic hacienda with stone archway and purple bougainvillea flowers at Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera | best things to do in Guanajuato, mexico
Wondering what to do in Guanajuato just outside of the city? Pay a visit to this traditional Mexican hacienda for a relaxing day and a nice meal in a beautiful setting. (Photo: dory_kanter via Flickr)

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

8. Diego Rivera Museum

Beautiful Guanajuato has been a haven for artists and creative types for some time, including one of Mexico’s most famous artists, Diego Rivera.

The muralist and mosaic artist, and Frida Kahlo’s husband, was actually born in Guanajuato in 1886.

The small Museo y Casa de Diego Rivera (Diego Rivera House & Museum) has some sketches and paintings by Rivera, displayed in the home where he grew up.

💡 Guanajuato Travel Tip: The museum is closed on Mondays; as are most museums in Guanajuato.

red exterior of a colonial building | Diego Rivera Museum | best things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Visit the ex-home of famed Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. (Photo: Calvin Faunus via Flickr)

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

Best Guanajuato Churches & Buildings

9. Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato

The Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato is instafamous, and the big yellow church you see in so many Guanajuato photos. Though the outside is more photographed, the inside is very beautiful as well. While it is ok to take photos inside Mexican churches, do remain respectful and quiet while inside.

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large yellow Our Lady of Guanajuto colonial church and a statue in front of it in a small park | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Check out the beautiful Our Lady of Guanajuato Church in the Plaza de la Paz. (Photo: Gerardo Vallejo via Unsplash)

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

10. Templo de San Diego

Guanajuato’s second most photographed church! The Templo de San Diego (Saint Diego’s Temple) has a very picturesque red dome, but also a churrigueresque style façade. It’s really almost two photo ops in one, thanks to the temple’s red dome and pink entryway.

Churrigueresque is commonly seen in the architecture of Mexico’s old colonial mining towns. In fact, Guanajuato was once one of the largest silver mining towns in all of Mexico.

The temple is located right next to Teatro Juarez, the next instagrammable Guanajuato spot.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

11. Teatro Juarez

Teatro Juarez (Juarez Theater) is among the most iconic of Guanajuato’s grand buildings. This historic theater dates back to the late-19th Century, and still hosts live productions to this day.

It is closely associated with one of Mexico’s largest festivals, the International Cervantino Festival, an annual music/theater/art festival that takes place in mid-October. Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) immediately follows the Cervantino, making October-November two of Guanajuato’s liveliest months.

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grand vintage Juarez Theater building with statues of men on top | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Beautiful inside and outside, the Juarez Theater is one of the best things to see in Guanajuato.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

12. University of Guanajuato

Guanajuato has many colleges and universities, but none more beautiful than the Universidad de Guanajuato. The school’s dramatic main entrance has 133 steps leading to the entry door. This grand entryway makes for a beautiful backdrop, and a nice place to sit for a while and people-watch. 

grand white Guanajuato University building with gothic-style architecture | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Walk up the 133 steps of this grand staircase, leading into the University of Guanajuato.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

13. Templo de San Francisco

As with most Mexican churches, the Templo de San Francisco is just as beautiful inside as outside. If you do want to take photos inside, just remember to stay quiet and act respectful when doing so. There are also several sculptures on the streets around the church that make for beautiful photos.

grand peach colored Mexican church called templo de san francisco | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Visit the San Francisco Temple, one of the prettiest churches in Guanajuato.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

14. Casa del Conde Rul (Museum)

Located just in front of the Plaza de la Paz, the neoclassical Casa de Conde Rul (House of Count Rul) is one of the most emblematic of Guanajuato’s buildings. The once-home to Count Diego Rul and Doña Ignacia Obregon in the 1800s, is now an art museum with 10 unique gallery rooms.

💡Guanajuato Travel Tip: The museum is closed on Mondays; as are most museums in Guanajuato.

colorful mural of an indigenous woman holding a skull in a museum called  Casa del Conde Rul | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
The Casa del Conde Rul, one of the best museums in Guanajuato (Photo: Karla Museos via Facebook)

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

15. Mercado Hidalgo

The largest traditional Mexican mercado (market) in Downtown Guanajuato is a fun, lively place to eat and buy souvenirs. As the market caters to both locals and visitors, you’ll find most of the shopping upstairs, separated from the lower part with groceries and foods.

🤤 Guanajuato Travel Tip: For authentic, cheap eats in Guanajuato, the Hidalgo Market is a great choice.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

Best Guanajuato Gardens & Plazas

16. Jardin de la Union (Union Garden)

Located just in front of the Templo de San Diego, this triangular-shaped plaza is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes on two sides. Its third side opens onto the very instagrammable Calle De Sopeña (De Sopeña Street).

Jardin de la Union (Union Garden) is the perfect place to people-watch, listen to live music from street musicians, buy souvenirs from local vendors and sample some Guanajuato street food.

beautiful garden called Jardin de la Union with large trees in a colonial city  | things to do in guanajuato, mexico

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

17. Plaza de la Paz

Located just next to the The Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato church is the equally beautiful Plaza de la Paz (Peace Plaza). This plaza’s outdoor street cafes and old buildings look like they’re straight out of Europe, and make for a nice place to people-watch next to the iconic church.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

18. Plazuela San Fernando (Plaza)

This is perhaps the most instagrammable Guanajuato plaza, out of all the pretty plazas in the city.

👩‍🎨 In fact, many artists come here to paint and draw it.

There are some cute cafes, bars and restaurants here for when you need a walking break. Plaza San Fernando is also great for people-watching.

💡Guanajuato Travel Tip: This square is called both ‘Plazuela’ San Fernando and ‘Plaza’ San Fernando.

colorful european style plaza with colonial buildings called plaza san fernando | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
The Instagram worthy Guanajuato Plazuela San Fernando. (Photo: Carlos Guzmán via Flickr)
brightly colored home and buildings in the colorful colonial town of Guanajuato City, Guanajuato, Mexico, located in central Mexico, and a safe place for female solo Mexico travel | things to do in guanajuato, mexico

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

19. Plaza San Roque

In Plaza San Roque, you’ll find the San Roque Temple, as well as one of the prettiest houses in Guanajuato City. This historic church dates back to 1726. The inside is very beautiful, but remember to remain quiet and respectful to worshippers inside when photographing it.

You’ll also find the instafamous Guanajuato flower pot house in this plaza. If you’re standing facing the San Roque Temple, the house is just to your right. Do note that this is a private residence, so be respectful of the homeowners by not climbing the stairs.

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best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

20. Plaza de Los Angeles

Plaza de los Ángeles (Plaza of the Angels) is located near the famous Alley of the Kiss. It is often full of people, street performers, musicians and locals, hanging out on the steps and talking.

By night, you’ll find many of the Guanajuato Cervantes performers here. As Guanajuato was the once-home to Spanish author, Miguel de Cervantes, who wrote Don Quixote, his influence is still felt all over the city. The largest annual festival in Guanajuato, the Cervantino Festival, was named in his honor.

Colorful buildings in the european-style plaza de los angeles | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
The (usually-lively) Plaza del los Angeles is great for taking photos and people watching.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

Best Guanajuato Restaurants & Bars

21. Santo Cafe

In a city famous for quaint alleyways and pretty balconies, Santo Café stands out by having both. This cafe is one of Guanajuato’s most instafamous eateries, so if you want this iconic balcony shot, arrive right when they open to avoid a long wait time because there are only 4-5 tables on the small balcony.

Picturesque Santo Cafe on a balcony  | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Enjoy an al fresco meal at Santo Café, as you watch the people walk by.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

22. Estacion Gelato

Estacion Gelato (Gelato Station) is an adorable Guanajuato ice cream and gelato shop with a cute balcony and the perfect rooftop to enjoy your gelato. It’s a great place to take in some nice city views during a break from walking around town. They have a rotating lineup of flavors, from the traditional to the exotic, like maracuyá (passion fruit).

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Woman eating ice cream alone at a cafe in guanajuato called estacio gelato  | things to do in guanajuato, mexico

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

23. La Clave Azul Restaurant

This restaurant is a hidden gem, with many other hidden gems inside! The decor is a quirky-chic collection of antique treasures and the outside is quintessential Guanajuato gorgeous.

La Clave Azul Restaurante Taberna (The Blue Key) is perfect for drinks, tapas and photos. Head there from 2pm-5:30pm for Happy Hour when you get free drinks with your tapas orders.

🗺 Guanajuato Travel Tip: La Clave Azul Guanajuato is located at Segunda De Cantaritos 31, nestled in an alley just off Plaza San Fernando.

Blue walled entryway to a restaurant called La Clave Azul | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Have drinks and tapas at La Clave Azul restaurant, and look for hidden treasures inside.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

24. El Paisa II (Best Guanajuato Tacos)

A locals’ favorite, this no-frills taquería serves up the best tacos in Guanajuato City. For cheap eats, El Paisa II can’t be beat, with their tasty 75¢ tacos 🤤 If you’re looking to sample some authentic Mexico food, and don’t mind venturing somewhat off the beaten path in Guanajuato City, head here ASAP!

Cutting taco al pastor meat for a taco
Tacos al pastor are a must-try while in Mexico — head to El Paisa II to get your fill!

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

25. Mezcal Bar el Fusilado

The Cantina El Fusilado Mezcal Bar is worth the 15-20 minute drive from Downtown Guanajuato. This mezcalería (mezcal bar) is a locals’ favorite for its many types of mezcal, and old school Mexican cantina vibes.

As you can see in the photo, the outside of this bright blue building with its flowering trees, is also quite beautiful.

In fact, this part of Guanajuato, located outside of the tourist zone is quite pretty and will give you an off the beaten path Guanajuato City experience.

🍺 Guanajuato Travel Tip: Looking for a cantina closer in downtown? Head to La Inundación de 1905, one of the best bars in Guanajuato.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

Guanajuato Travel Guide

1. Is Guanajuato safe for travel?

Short answer: Yes, for most travelers, it Guanajuato is safe.

Longer answer: As with much of Mexico, the tourist zones in Guanajuato are quite safe. If you’re sticking to Guanajuato City, San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo pueblo magico (magic town), and the neighboring state of Queretero, you’re in for a lovely trip.

💃 Don’t just take it from me! Check out Jessica’s first-hand story of safe solo travel in Guanajuato.

As no place on Earth is 100% safe, you’ll want to follow the 10 General Travel Safety Tips below — you know, the same ones you’d follow when traveling anywhere on Earth. You should also register for the STEP Program and put your mind at ease with an affordable Mexico travel insurance policy.

Mexico Travel Insurance

Wondering Should I get travel insurance for Mexico?

The answer is of course yes, it will give you an added level of security and peace of mind during these strange travel times.

Just as you insure your car, home and body, you can also insure your luggage, belongings and health while traveling. If Mexico travel safety are on your mind, get your free quote below from World Nomads, one of the biggest names in travel insurance.

10 General Travel Safety Tips
  1. Don’t walk home alone at night if you can help it; take a taxi.
  2. Always listen to your intuition because your intuition is always right.
  3. If you get a sketchy or uneasy feeling about a person or place, get away from that person or place immediately. If you feel you’re in danger, don’t worry about making a kind, nice, or politically correct exit from a creepy person or bad situation — Just get away ASAP.
  4. Don’t keep your phone, keys, wallet, passport, or anything valuable in your back pocket.
  5. Learn some basic Spanish. If you can’t learn it, save the infographic below as an image on your phone so you have something to use even if you’re off-WiFi.
  6. Take all of your belongings into the bathroom with you, rather than asking a cafe/bar neighbor to watch your things.
  7. Speaking of bar neighbors, don’t take drinks from strangers and/or leave your drink unattended near one.
  8. Don’t wear flashy clothes, expensive jewelry, designer sunglasses, etc.
  9. Keep some cash in your pocket so you don’t have to pull your whole wallet out every time you need to pay.
  10. This should be a no brainer since you’re traveling during a pandemic, but get Travel Insurance!
List of useful spanish words and phrases
Register for the STEP Program

Make sure you enroll in the FREE STEP Program before your trip. The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP, allows U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico to document your trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

After you’ve registered, the U.S. Embassy or Consulate can contact you in the event of an emergency, including natural disasters, civil unrest, etc. STEP can also put you in touch with your family and friends back home, in the event of an emergency while abroad.

Do I need to speak Spanish to visit Guanajuato?

If you stick to the popular areas of Guanajuato City, most tour operators and people in the service industry will speak English. However, when venturing off the beaten path in Guanajuato, you can expect little to no English.

However, it is good manners to learn at last some basic Spanish when traveling to Oaxaca. 🎧 Listen to Episode 13 of the podcast as travel blogger Elizabeth talk about how she learned eight languages, and gives great tips for how to learn language basics in easy, fun ways.

If learning Spanish isn’t in the cards for you, #NoJudgement! Pin and/or save the infographic below on your phone so you’ll always have the words and phrases you need, even if you’re off-WiFi.

List of useful spanish words and phrases

🇲🇽 Mexico Podcast: Need additional Mexico travel safety info?

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

2. Do I need a visa for Mexico?

No, U.S. passport holders don’t need a visa to travel to Mexico. This is just one reason Mexico is one of the best travel destinations for Americans.

When you arrive in Mexico and go through Customs and Immigration, you’ll receive a 180-day (6 month) FMM tourist visa. This is a small piece of paper that you need to hold on to so you can give it back to an Immigration officer when you leave the country, so don’t lose your FMM!

3. How do I travel to Guanajuato?

The closest airport to Guanajuato is Bajio/Guanajuato International Airport (code: BJM), located less than 45 minutes away from Downtown Guanajuato by rental car, Uber or taxi.

As this is a smaller airport, you might not find direct flights to Leon Guanajuato, but you can connect through nearly all major Mexico airports.

You can also take a luxury-class ADO bus from Mexico City to Guanajuato, which takes about five hours, or from Guadalajara, at closer to four hours.

best things to do in guanajuato, mexico

4. Best time to visit Guanajuato?

Guanajuato and Central Mexico have what’s known as “eternal spring” weather, so this part of the country has pleasant temperatures year-round. Guanajuato’s rainy season lasts from June-September, and then tourism picks back up in October for the Guanajuato Cervantino Festival, followed by Day of the Dead.

Guanajuato Weather

5. Best hotels in Guanajuato

There are many options for places to stay in Guanajuato, from boutique hotels and historic haciendas, to hostels and home-stays run by locals. Below you will find some recommendations for all travel styles and all budgets, all located in the best part of town, Centro Historico (Historic City Center).

guanajuato hotel de la paz | things to do in guanajuato, mexico
Hotel de la Paz has amazing views of the Plaza de la Paz, located right in the heart of Guanajuato City. (Photo: Hotel de la Paz via Facebook)

6. What do I pack for Guanajuato?

Guanajuato has warmer days and cooler nights all year-long, as you can see by the Guanajuato weather chart above.

👗 RELATED ARTICLE: Ultimate Packing List for Mexico + FREE Printable Checklist

As far as how to dress, Mexicans are modest dressers, so pants/jeans with long sleeved tops are the norm. However, sundresses, flowy, breathable, cotton, and light-colored clothing work for the warmer days; but at night, you’ll want pants and a sweater or jacket.

🧳 FREE Printable Packing List for Mexico

Wondering exactly what to pack for Guanajuato and all of Mexico? Download your FREE printable packing list for Mexico below — it covers both Mexico beach packing and packing for Mexico cities, like Guanajuato.

This multi-page Mexico packing checklist covers everything you’ll want to bring, and more importantly, what not to bring to Mexico.

Have questions about things to do in Guanajuato, Mexico?

If there’s anything that wasn’t covered, please ask away in the comments below!

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