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Best Mexico Gifts for All Occasions [2022 Edition]

Looking for the perfect Mexican gifts for Any occasion?

You’ve come to the right place because you’ve got me, a longtime Mexico resident, here to advise you! I have hand-curated this list of the best and most unique Mexico gifts that will really wow any Mexico travel lover and the devout Mexicophile in your life.

In case you were wondering if you need to travel to Mexico to shop for Mexico themed gifts — of course not! What you’ll find in this article are the perfect presents that will feel as if they’ve come straight from Mexico (minus the price of a plane ticket).


Editor’s Pick for Best Mexico Gift:


As someone who’s been living in Mexico since 2018, and been to half the states in the country, I used all my knowledge in curating this list that reflects things you’d actually find in Mexico. Along with each recommended gift, you’ll get some info on its history and connection to Mexico.

Below you will find Mexico gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. There’s everything from Mexican cooking gadgets and cookbooks to booze, clothing, Mexican coffee, books about Mexico, and even a tortilla blanket!

Ready to finally get to this list?! Let’s dive in!

Best Mexico Gifts for Anyone

Mexican Burrito Blanket (Tortilla Blanket)

As someone who lives in Mexico, runs two Mexico websites (the one you’re on, and Travel To Merida), writes about 200 articles a year on Mexico travel tips, etc. — I know there’s nothing cooler you can give as a Mexico gift than the Burrito Blanket (AKA Tortilla Blanket).

Best Mexican Gifts

Taco Holders: Taco Dinosaur, Taco Cat, Taco Unicorn

If you’ve ever wondered Is there anything better than a taco? Well, now you have your answer: A taco that comes in a dinosaur or cat holder. Check out these fun taco holders, which will bring a smile to the face of any taco lover. 🦄 Besides the ones below, there’s also a magical Taco Unicorn.

Mexico Gifts for Foodies

Taco Tuesday Gifts

There is perhaps nothing more quintessentially Mexican than the tortilla. Though Mexican food is incredibly regional, one staple item is eaten from coast to coast: the humble tortilla. These Mexico gifts for tortilla lovers will really take Taco Tuesday to the next level.

👩‍🍳 Shopping for someone who loves to cook? Jump to the Mexican cookbook section below!

Handmade Tortillas for Taco Tuesday

For home cooks who want to try out making their own fresh tortillas, they’d love to receive the gifts below. With these, they will be able to make fresh tortillas from scratch, just like they do in Mexico.

Start out with Maseca amarillo for yellow corn tortillas or gluten-free Maseca azul for blue corn tortillas — Maseca is a popular brand throughout Mexico! Follow these steps make traditional Mexican tortillas, using the gift items below:

  1. Prepare the masa dough according to the package directions
  2. Use the tortilla press to shape them
  3. Cook them on the traditional Mexican cooking comal
  4. Keep them warm in the tortillero (tortilla basket)
  5. Assemble and serve tacos with one of these practical yet fun taco holders
Best Mexican Gifts

Mexico Gift Baskets

Mexico Gifts: Candy Box with assortment of colorful Mexico candy

If the person you’re buying this gift for is a Mexico candy lover, you’re in luck because you can get them this Mexico Candy Basket. It features some of the best candy in Mexico, by brands including Luca Candy, Pelon and Pulparindo, and in classic flavors like tamarindo and chamoy.

Best Mexican Gifts

De la Rosa Mexican Candy

For my money, however, the Mexican candy box above ⤴ is missing one key candy from Mexico — De la Rosa mazapan. In Mexico, this stuff is legendary; so much so that some people even get De la Rosa tattoos of this iconic brand’s beloved mazapan candy.

Mazapan is similar to marzipan in Europe or halva in the Middle East, though it’s made with peanuts in Mexico as they are the most commonly-grown nut. You can buy classic De la Rosa with just the peanuts, or chocolate-covered De la Rosa; either way, it’s one among the best gifts from Mexico.

Best Mexican Gifts

Mexican Chocolate

taza Mexico-style chocolate

🇲🇽 Mexico Fun Fact: Chocolate comes from Mexico! Ancient Mexican civilizations, including the Aztec, Toltec and Maya, have cultivated cacao trees for more than 3,000 years.

In fact, the English word chocolate derives from the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word, xocolatl.

Best Mexican Gifts

Mexico Coffee Gifts

The coffee lover in your life will really thank you for these particular gifts from Mexico — Authentic Mexican coffees. Though non-coffee drinkers may not know this, the coffeephile in your life certainly does know Mexico coffee is among the world’s best.

Of the best coffee regions in Mexico, there’s Oaxaca state coffee, Chiapas state coffee and Veracruz state coffee. While Veracruz coffee tends to be served on its own, in Chiapas and Oaxaca, you’ll often see café de olla (pronounced caf-fay day oy-ya).

Cafe de olla literally means “coffee from the pot,” as it’s made in a large clay pot. It’s sweetened with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), and sometimes star anise and orange peel. Those who don’t take their coffee black, they will love trying something new with café de olla.

Best Mexican Gifts

Mexico Coffee Mugs & Mexican Cups

When drinking coffee in Mexico’s most traditional coffee regions and also in smaller pueblos, it will often come served in a jarrito (pronounced har-ree-toe). Jarritos are rustic clay mugs or cups, often painted in colorful folk art designs, that work for both hot and cold beverages.

Mexican jarritos coffee mugs

When drinking your coffee in the biggest Mexico coffee regions, like Oaxaca and Chiapas states, it will often come served in a jarrito (pronounced har-ree-toe).

Jarritos are rustic clay mugs or cups, often painted in colorful folk art designs. These can be used for both hot and cold beverages.

Mexican jarritos Cups

Traditional Mexico jarrito cups also work well for cold beverages. When you see them like these, without the handle, they are often intended for use with cold drinks.

These hand-painted jarritos make for a beautiful set with this matching terracotta pitcher. The set is perfect for serving classic Mexican drinks like agua fresca and horchata, and even boozy favorites like the Margarita and the Paloma.

Cantaritos Cocktail Cups

Cantaritos de barro clay cups are traditional small-sized cups you’ll often see in the Mexico state of Jalisco at festivals and street fairs.

The city of Tequila is in Jalisco state, and the cantarito cup is said to be the best way to drink tequila. There’s even a Cantaritos cocktail you can enjoy in these, though they also make amazing Margarita glasses.

Best Mexico Gifts

Mexico Gifts for Women (Traditional Mexican Mother’s Day Gifts)

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to thank our mom’s and maternal figures for everything they’ve done for us. If you’re shopping for a Mexico-obsessed mom, look no further than these — Otomí print, Talavera tile and Taxco silver jewelry.

Mexican Jewelry

The city of Taxco is known as the Mexico silver town, famed for its .925 sterling silver. Each year, visitors flock to this pueblo magico (magic town) for artisan-made pieces of Taxco silver jewelry. One of the most popular Mexico jewelry styles is Mazahua filigree, but there’s also Taxco flower jewelry.

❤️ These jewelry items also work for Mexico Valentine’s Day gifts! ❤️

Best Mexican Gifts

Otomí Art & Prints

The Otomí people hail from the Central Mexico highlands, in the areas around Mexico City, Puebla state, Guanajuato state and Queretaro state. They are known for their colorful folk art design, which you can get on everything from pillows and table runners, to shower curtains and phone cases.

Best Mexican Gifts

Talavera Tile Art

Talavera is a pottery style that originated in the city of Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular folk arts in the state of Puebla, Mexico.

As a popular art and one of the top Mexican culture gifts, you can get Talavera on everything from kitchenware to pottery and Talavera tiles themselves. If you’re buying a talavera pot for a frequent traveler, pair it with one of these hard-to-kill houseplants 🪴

Best Mexican Gifts

Mexico Gifts for Kids

taco vs burrito board Game

Fans of Bears vs Babies and Exploding Kittens will love Taco vs Burrito, which was actually created by a 7-year-old boy named Alex!

This family-friendly card game (suitable for ages 7+) is basically a food fight played out in a card form — so it’s much easier to clean up than a real food fight. Taco vs Burrito is popular with kids and adults alike.

Mexican Lucha libre mask

Among the Mexican presents sure to please any kiddo, is the lucha libre mask. Lucha is Mexican wrestling, that’s as much soap opera as it is sport (just like U.S. wrestling).

The most famous luchador (lucha libre wrestler) of all time was Blue Demon. His mask was dark blue, so you’ll will often find blue lucha libre masks available for sale.

Mexican Lele doll

The Lele, which means “baby,” is a traditional folk art doll from Queretaro state, in Central Mexico.

You’ll find these adorable Mexico Leles in mercados de artesanias (artisan markets) throughout the country, as they make a great Mexico souvenir, but also, the perfect Mexico presents for kids!

la loteria card game

Also known as “Mexican Bingo,” La Loteria (The Lottery) has been played in Mexico for centuries. It is a family-friendly game — but can also be made into a Mexican drinking game for adults 🍻

This card game, one of the most inexpensive Mexican gifts on this list, makes for a great stocking stuffer. It’s one of those sure-to-please-anyone Mexico gift ideas, and among the best Christmas gifts from Mexico.

The object of La Loteria is similar to mark off all numbers on the card, and similar to bingo but with iconic Mexican folk art drawings instead of numbers. La Loteria is so beloved in Mexico, many people even get La Loteria tattoos of the cards — including me!

Best Mexican Gifts

Mexico Gifts for Men (Mexican Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day)

Looking for a Mexico gift for dad or any special caballero (gentleman) in your life? These Mexico taco socks are sure to make him lol 🤣 on Father’s Day, and all year-long. If he’s more of a Mexico drinks guy, check out the tequila decanter and mezcal cups below ⤵

Bring me Tacos socks

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Mexican tacos are delicious 🌮

These funny Mexico socks will have the gift recipient laughing hysterically on Christmas when they open the gift — and then each day they wear them all year-long.

Tequila decanter & Shot Glasses

Did you know there really is a Tequila, Mexico!? That’s right, in order to be called true tequila, it has to be made in the city of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico (or some surrounding areas).

Tequila is actually a much more classy drink than many think — one that’s meant to be sipped, btw! For anyone who appreciates tequila, this decanter and tequila shot glasses set is perfect.

Besides the decanter, how about a nice bottle of tequila and/or mezcal? If you’ve never heard of mezcal, think of it this way: tequila is a type of mezcal that’s made in Tequila, Mexico, though mezcal is what’s made everywhere else in Mexico.

If your dad likes his tequila, consider switching it up with a bottle of mezcal. In terms of flavor, mezcal tends to be a bit smokier, though both drinks come from the agave plant. The best mezcals come from Oaxaca, Mexico — like Ilegal Mezcal, Montelobos and 400 Conejos, Mexico’s best selling mezcal.

In many Mexico bars, mezcal is served with a plate of orange slices and maguey worm salt; this is the same worm inside of tequila bottles. A tequila or mezcal decanter, traditional mezcal cups, both copitas and jicaras, and sal de gusano (maguey worm salt) make for the perfect Mexico gift set ⤵

Best Mexican Gift ideads

Mexico Gifts for Christmas & the Holidays

These Mexican Christmas ornaments will many make any Mexicophile (yes, that’s a word!) smile during the holidays. In the event none of the Mexico Christmas gifts below will work, check out the Mexican Gifts for Her and Kitchen Gifts sections for more ideas.

🎄🎁 For even more ideas, head to 50+ Best Mexico Christmas Gifts & Mexican Ornaments to see an entire gift guide for Christmas and holiday gifts!

Mexican blanket (SERAPE)

The Mexico serape blanket makes for the perfect cozy gift to open on Christmas morning, and cuddle up with that same night.

Even after Christmas is over, you can use this heavy-duty woven blanket at the beach, for picnics, while camping and stargazing, and many more places.

Hojalata: Mexican Tin Art

Hojalata (pronounced ho-ha-lat-ah) is an iconic Mexico tin art from Guanajuato state. It makes for nice wall decor, and can also be used as Mexican tin ornaments for your Christmas tree.

The popular milagros (sacred heart) design is most common, but you’ll find other shapes in symbols as well, like crosses, stars and hummingbirds.

Mexican Alebrijes (As seen in the movie “coco”)

Want one of the most unique Mexican gift ideas? How about an alebrije, which is a sort of spirit guide sculpture.

These originate in the town of San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, though you’re probably familiar with them from the movie Coco. Besides the alebrije, these Mexico Christmas ornaments work perfectly for the occasion. 

Best Mexican Gifts

Best Mexico Christmas Ornaments

Mexican Christmas tree decorations are fun gifts to give, as they are “gifts that keep on giving.” With these Mexico gifts, your recipient will get to use the ornament year after year during Christmas and the holidays. Head here to see more traditional Mexican Christmas ornaments.

🎄 Click on the Mexican Christmas Tree Ornaments below to buy on Amazon ⤵

Mexico Gifts for Birthdays

Mexico Maps

Mexico Scratch off travel map

For those Mexico-obsessed travelers who just can’t get enough of the country, a Mexico City Mexico map or vintage Mexico map, makes a great gift.

This Mexico scratch off map, which allows the gift recipient to scratch off each state as they visit, is a favorite of mine! As memories and amazing experiences are the best souvenirs from Mexico, this map will help them remember and cherish those memories forever.

Mexico Map (Also: cutting board or serving board)

The sturdy, 100% bamboo Mexico cutting board can actually function in three ways: wall hanging, serving tray and as a cutting board.

Since it’s so beautiful, some might just want to hang it up in their kitchen as decorative Mexico wall art. It also functions as a serving tray, perfect for passing hors d’oeuvres before Christmas dinner, and of course, as a cutting board.

Mexico Posters & Wall Art

Know someone with a blank wall that could use some bright Mexican colors? From the Queen of Mexican art, Frida Kahlo, to classic Mexico iconography like cacti, and the gorgeous Otomí pattern, a Mexican poster or wall art makes the perfect home decor gift.

🖼 Click on any of the items below to buy on Amazon

Best Mexican Gifts

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

The Mexico-loving woman in your life is going to love these clothes and accessories — like the embroidered huipil (pronounced wee-peel) — a type of tunic-top worn by Mayan women in the Yucatan Peninsula. For Mexican jewelry gift ideas to go with the clothing, see the Gifts for Her section.

If you need some Mexican gifts for him from the clothing department, check out this funny Mexican taco shirt and this Mexican Star Wars shirt for men.

Best Mexican Gifts

Mexico Gifts for Books Lovers

Not comfortable picking out what to wear for the person you’re getting the gift for? Totally understandable! How about getting them one of the Mexican books below?! If this gift is one you’re planning to splurge on — grab the Kindle Paperwhite and load it with the eBook versions.

Like Water for Chocolate

Eventually made into a movie, Mexican author Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate tells the tale of Tita, who’s forbidden to marry as the youngest child in her family. Tita falls in love with her neighbor, who eventually marries her sister, though she hopes to win him back using her cooking skills.

This is a great fiction read, and each chapter begins with a classic Mexican recipe.

Living in Mexico

A Taschen art book, Living in Mexico is a beautiful photographic journey chronicling homes in the country.

Featuring everything from Luis Barragan’s contemporary designs in Mexico City, to traditional thatched-roof Mayan dwellings in the Yucatan, the contrast of styles in this book showcases the country’s diverse architectural styles through stunning imagery.

The Move to Mexico Bible

If your person is considering a move to Mexico, The Move to Mexico Bible is perfect for them.

As someone who’s moved to Mexico, I can say for sure it was the best decision I’ve ever made, though having all pertinent information you need to make that big decision is important. In this book, author Sonia Diaz tells you everything you can expect from Mexico expat life.

The Labyrinth of Solitude

The Labyrinth of Solitude is the best-known book from Octavio Paz, a Mexican Nobel Prize winner.

Through poetic writing, his philosophical essays explore Mexico’s culture, history, and social identity in the modern day. While “The Labyrinth of Solitude” is his most famous essay, others like “The Other Mexico” and “Mexico and the United States,” are also in this book.

Frida: The Biography Of Frida Kahlo

In this definitive biography on Mexico’s most famous female artist, Frida Kahlo, author Hayden Herrera examines the life and death of this Mexican icon in Frida: The Biography.

From growing up during the turbulent Mexican Revolution, to an accident that left her bedridden at age 18, and her tumultuous marriage to fellow Mexican artist, Diego Rivera — get to know the woman behind the art.

Best Mexican Gifts

Best Mexican Cookbooks

Of course, Mexican food is more than just tacos and tortillas! When shopping for Mexico gifts for the passionate cooks in your life, only the best cookbooks about Mexican food will do. Below, you’ll find cookbooks from the biggest names in Mexican cooking.

Tu Casa Mi Casa: Mexican Recipes for the Home Cook

Chef Enrique Olvera is considered the best Mexican chef working today. His restaurant, Pujol in Mexico City, consistently makes the coveted 50 Best list.

For those who can’t get one of the coveted reservations at Pujol, his cookbook explains just how he makes some of his most favorite dishes — all classic Mexican foods.

My Mexico City Kitchen

Chef Gabriela Cámara’s Contramar restaurant in Mexico City is a foodie favorite for fish tacos and fresh seafood dishes.

Her cookbook is a culinary homage to this city, with 150 recipes that highlight all the fresh ingredients and unique flavors of Mexico City. Learn how to make her signature Contramar tuna tostadas, chilaquiles, flan, and much more.

Trejo’s Tacos: Recipes and Stories from L.A.

Mexican-American actor Danny Trejo, of Machete and Desperado, shares his favorite recipes and stories about growing up in 1950s LA.

In the book, there’s standard classics like carnitas tacos, and surprising recipes you don’t expect from a this tough guy — like roasted cauliflower tacos and nacho donuts!

Mexico The Cookbook

Margarita Carrillo Arronte, former chef at Turtux and Don Emiliano, is known as a Global Ambassador of Mexican Cuisine.

Her best-selling Mexico cookbook features more than 650 authentic and traditional Mexican Recipes, from street foods and antojitos (snacks), to fish, meat and poultry entrees, and even Mexican drinks and desserts.

Oaxaca: Home Cooking from the Heart of Mexico

Oaxaca City, Mexico is one of the Foodie Capitals of Mexico. However, traditional Oaxaca food isn’t what many think of as “Mexican food.”

In this Central Mexico state, you’ll find mole (pronounced moe-lay), tlayudas (tuh-lie-you-dahs) and tamales oaxaqueños as some of the standout favorites. Never heard of those? No worries, this cookbook will help!

Best Mexican Gifts

Final Thoughts: Buying Mexico Gifts

Buying gifts and Mexico souvenirs online can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the country. If you’re buying the gift for a Mexico-obsessed or Mexico-loving friend or relative, that only further complicates things because they’re better versed in all things Mexico.

After going through this list and reading about the significance of the Mexico gifts featured, you should now have a better idea of what to buy — and also why it’s significant.

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