How to use the least amount of effort to get the MOST AMAZING PHOTOS!

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Hi, I’m Shelley

Solo female mexico travel in Izamal Mexico, the yellow city, a pueblo magico (magic town colonial town that it completely painted yellow

Who am I, and what’s my photography secret?


…and I’ll make a long story very short:

I started solo traveling in Mexico in April 2018. Mexico is beautiful & I wanted to show it off to my friends & family. I had to learn some photography & photo editing to do that.

Quite honestly though, I wasn’t super interested in either of those things — and I have what I lovingly call my “vintage” iPhone 8 — so not the most sophisticated photography equipment.

What I did have was a philosophy:

Learn the most important basics… and get Professional Enough!

“Work smarter, not harder.” ~Allen F. Morgenstern

The PROFESSIONAL ENOUGH phone photography course is about working smarternot harder!

Are you ready to learn how spend less than 2 minutes to go from taken to edited to posted?!

If you think that’s not possible, I have a video in the course showing how I edit a photo in just 1 minute and 43 seconds!

Oh, and I do this all on my vintage iPhone 8!

In this 4-Module course, I’m going to walk with you, step-by-step and using video instruction, to show you how to set-up your shot, take amazing photos & then edit them to perfection — in minutes — just like I do!

BONUS: Get 20 FREE Adobe Lightroom Presets so you can edit with just 1 click 📸  …These are the real deal photography editing secret sauce!


We’ll go slide-by-slide, together, through each module: 

Here’s what you’ll get in this course:


Module 1: 10 Quick Wins

Module 2: Setting Up Your Shot

Module 3: Photos & Editing



Module 4: Beyond the Preset


of ALL 4 course modules


small fishing boat on the shore of a beach town

10 Quick Wins

You’ll learn 10 things you can implement with almost no effort — which will all make all of your photos amazing — before you even take them.

Setting Up Your Shot

You’ll learn what specifics to consider when choosing your subject, everything you need to know about lighting (the make or break of photography), how to frame photos like a boss, and more!


Photos & Editing

You’ll learn how to use the Adobe Lightroom camera app with the optimal settings, to get the most Professional Enough photos you can! Finally, we’ll learn how to use Lightroom to edit — where the real magic of photography happens.


Beyond the Presets

While presets have been my game changer, Module 4 is all about getting your photos extra perfect. In this BONUS training, you’ll go beyond the preset and learn how to  transport your photos from amazing to “Tell me your secrets!”

…so what exactly is a “preset”?

They are a pre-set, or pre-established group of editing conditions, including color saturation and white balance. In plain English, presets have have been my game changer! That’s why I’m giving you 20 for FREE ❤️ They are how you’re going to make 1-click edits — like the ones you see below — that will transport your photos from meh to “Tell me your secrets”… which is how it happened for me.

The best part?


We go step-by-step through each module via slides & training videos, so you’ll understand absolutly ev-ver-rey-thing 💁‍♀️

You also have lifetime access to the course & training videos, so you can go back through the modules again at any time.

Instafame: (noun)

when your photos get noticed, loved & shared on the ‘Gram & socials!

My photos get regular reposts from official Mexico tourism accounts & influential bloggers!

…and I’m, not gonna lie, it. never. gets. old!!

OVER $400 OFF 🤯!

los rapidos and the blue water of Bacalar Lagoon Mexico los rapidos and the blue water of Bacalar Lagoon Mexico

“Today, everything exists to end in a photograph.” ~Susan Sontag

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