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Looking for Mexico travel blogs covering a specific location? You’ll find those here, including Cancun blogs, Tulum blogs and Mexico City blogs — the three biggest categories on this site. There’s also plenty of blogs covering many other parts of Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta blogs, Oaxaca blogs, Los Cabos blogs, and more!

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There are some amazing travel blogs Mexico has, and you’re about to discover all the best ones as well as the best bloggers Mexico has!

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While I love my own Mexico blog with all my heart, I also know some other amazing Mexico bloggers I want to share with you. I think they all bring a unique perspective to the table, because Mexico means different things to different Mexico travel bloggers.

Here are the Top 10 best Mexico travel blogs (in no particular order), along with some info about the individual Mexico travel bloggers, including where they live. Personally, I think if you’re looking for information on a specific Mexico state, region or city, the best info comes from someone who lives there, or has lived there long-term.

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

1. The Curious Mexican

Anais Martinez runs The Curious Mexican, one of the best resources for Mexico City food blogs. As one of the world’s best foodie destinations, it’s hard to eat a bad meal in Mexico City — but for the truly great places to eat in Mexico City, Anais will show you all the culinary gems and best tacos in Mexico City.

🏆 The Curious Mexican is a great source for Mexico City blogs, Mexico food blogs, Mexico culture blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

2. Backpacking Brunette

Alex, AKA the Backpacking Brunette, has a lot of great information about Queretaro state, where she has lived for years, but also about moving to Mexico. Check out her YouTube channel for everything you need to know if you’re planning to move to Mexico.

🏆 Backpacking Brunette is a great source for Mexico expat blogs, Moving to Mexico blogs, Queretaro blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

3. Plazas y Playas

Paul Hudson runs the site Plazas y Playas, and lives in Guadalajara. He has a lot of great info about Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico, but also blogs about the best surf spots in Mexico. An avid surfer, Paul has a lot of content about the best beaches in Jalisco state (of which Guadalajara is the capital).

🏆 Plazas y Playas is a great source for Guadalajara blogs, Mexico surf blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

4. Passports & Grub

Tomiko Harvey runs Passports & Grub, a blog that combines travel and food. With a food focus, of course, she has spent a lot of time in Mexico! Much of content focuses on luxury travel to Mexico resort cities like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, but she also blogs about family and couples travel, and Black travel in Mexico.

🏆 Passports & Grub is a great source for Mexico luxury travel blogs, Cancun travel blogs, Cabo travel blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

5. Let’s Travel to Mexico

Let’s Travel to Mexico is run by Isabella, a longtime Mexico expat who’s originally from Italy. She has been all over Mexico, but lives mostly in the Yucatan Peninsula. She travels mostly alone, so is a great resource for solo travel in Mexico, especially for travelers over 40.

🏆 Let’s Travel to Mexico is a great source for general Mexico travel blogs, Mexico solo travel blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

6. P. S. I’m On My Way

P. S. I’m On My Way is run by Trisha Velarmino, an Filipina expat living in Mexico. She has lived everywhere from Sayulita to Cabo San Lucas, and shares her experiences through the lens of a BIPOC travel blogger. Besides her blog, check out her YouTube channel for informative videos in locations all over Mexico.

🏆 P. S. I’m On My Way is a great source for Sayulita blogs, Cabo San Lucas blogs, Mexico solo travel blogs, BIPOC travel blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

7. Brooklyn Tropicali

Susan of Brooklyn Tropicali lives in and blogs about Oaxaca Mexico. As one of the top food and culture travel destinations in Mexico, her Oaxaca travel blogs cover more than just visiting Oaxaca — but how to have meaningful, immersive travel experiences in Oaxaca state.

🏆 Brooklyn Tropicali is a great source for Oaxaca travel blogs, Mexico culture blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

8. Claire’s Itchy Feet

Claire Summers of Claire’s Itchy Feet has lived in a few places throughout Mexico, like Playa del Carmen, Guadalajara and Nuevo Vallarta (near Puerto Vallarta). She started out blogging about her solo travel adventures, but is now married with a baby, so expect a lot more content about the family travel and digital nomad life in Mexico.

🏆 Claire’s Itchy Feet is a great source for Puerto del Carmen blogs, Puerto Vallarta blogs, Mexico travel blogs for families

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

9. Eternal Expat

Though Laura Bronner of Eternal Expat is now living in Lithuania (she is an eternal expat, after all), she lived in Mexico for many years and in several places throughout Mexico, like Mexico City and Baja California. Besides her blog, check out her YouTube channel for hundreds of great Mexico YouTube videos, filmed all over the country.

🏆 Eternal Expat is a great source for Mexico City travel blogs, Baja and Cabo San Lucas travel blogs

Best Mexico Travel Blogs

10. Travel To Merida

I have lived in Merida since 2019, and actually do think my Travel To Merida blog is the best one covering this city, though there aren’t many Merida Mexico blogs. If you’re visiting Merida with kids, I recommend the Mexico Cassie blog, as Cassie has kids and I don’t. She also lives in Merida, but has been all over Mexico.

🏆 Travel to Merida is a great source for Merida travel blogs, Yucatan travel blogs