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50 Best Places to Eat in Mexico City in 2022

Looking for the best restaurants in Mexico City?

You’re in the right place because I lived in Mexico City. During my time there, I tried my hardest to consume as much as humanly possible, at all the best places to eat in Mexico City. Traditional Mexican food is so delicious that it was really hard to stop myself!

As one of the foodie capitals of Mexico, it’s hard to have a bad meal, but you want the great ones. This article will break down the Mexico City restaurants in all the best neighborhoods, fine dining and street food, and of course, the best Mexico City tacos!

Ready to get to this list of the 50 best places to eat in Mexico City? Let’s dive in to see all the best food Mexico City has to offer!

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City Map

As the largest city in North America, and among the Top 10 biggest cities in the world, I figured a map would be helpful here! For your convenience, all of the best places to eat in Mexico City, from taco spots to foodie favorite restaurants, have been pinned to this map for you.

Best Mexico City Food Tours

Traveling to Mexico City for the first time? You should book a guided food tour! In fact, a food tour in Mexico City is the perfect first day activity to discover new places to eat and get a better feel for the city with a local guide. Here are some of the best food tours in Mexico City ⤵

Best Tacos in Mexico City

Best Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City

Taqueria Orinoco

One of the most famous and most-visited taco shops in Roma Norte. Visitors and locals alike converge on this delicious taqueria (taco shop) for Mexico City’s most famous taco, the taco al pastor, as well as their res (beef) and chicharron (fried pork skin) tacos.

tacos and a beer
Taqueria Orinoco is a local favorite for tacos al pastor — but know this great spot usually has a wait during peak times.

El Tizoncito

To say this statement is a hotly debated topic is an understatement, but here goes: El Tizoncito says they invented the taco al pastor! Whether or not this is true, they do still serve them to their masses of fans to this day.

“I hate tacos,” said no Juan ever

Get more taco captions and Mexico captions for IG here!

Below, you’ll find a few more places for excellent tacos al pastor in Mexico City. For a deep dive into the very important topic of where to get the best tacos in Mexico City, head to this guide — 50 Best Tacos in Mexico City.

  • El Huequito: A Mexico City chain with locations in Centro Historico and more.
  • El Vilsito: A car mechanic garage that becomes a taqueria by night. Don’t ask; just go!
  • Taquería los Güeros: The perfect place to stop for one final taco meal en route to the Mexico City Airport.
  • Taquería Los Parados: Serving tacos al pastor and tacos al carbon in Roma Sur.
  • Taquería Alvaro Obregon: A late night spot on popular Avenida Alvaro Obregon in Roma Norte.
man cutting meat for a taco

🌮 Still need more tacos? Totally understandable! Join the Bike to Taste the World’s Best Tacos Tour — one of the top rated and best Mexico City tours, where you’ll bike the city, eating yummy tacos all along the way!

Other Types of Mexico City Tacos 

Though tacos al pastor are the undisputed king of Mexico City tacos, there’s also other types! Check out the list below, for the best places to eat in Mexico City serving different types of tacos.

tacos de Suadero

Taquería los Cocuyos serves the best tacos de suadero (a fatty cut that’s similar to flank), located in Centro Histórico and seen on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

Tacos de canasta (Basket tacos)

Tacos de Canasta los Especiales, located in Downtown Mexico City (Centro Histórico).

Tacos guisados (Stew tacos)

Tacos Hola el Güero, located in La Condesa, is one of the best restaurants Mexico City has for tacos guisados.

Cochinita pibil

El Turix in Polanco makes the best cochinita pibil in Mexico Citya traditional Yucatan food that’s made of slow-roasted pork.

three meat tacos on a plate
Cochinita tacos come from the Yucatan Peninsula, but you can try them at El Turix Mexico City.

Seafood tacos

El Pescadito, a beloved chain that has about 10 locations, is one of the best Mexico City restaurants for shrimp and fish tacos.

Duck tacos

El Auténtico Pato Manila in La Condesa serves a yummy Mexican-Asian fusion duck taco.

Tacos arabes

Taquería el Greco, located in La Condesa, is the best place for tacos arabes (Arabian, or Middle Eastern tacos).

Barbacoa (Mexican BBQ)

El Hidalguense, located in Roma Sur (just on the border with Roma Norte), and seen on the Netflix show, Taco Chronicles — is the best place for barbacoa in Mexico City.

Meat tacos with blue corn tortillas
Barbacoa tacos from the very popular El Hidalguense in Roma Norte — as seen on Netflix: Taco Chronicles.

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Fine Dining in Mexico City

From street food tacos to upscale dining, it’s easy to see why Mexico City is such a beloved place for foodies! Here are some of the best places to eat in Mexico city for fine dining (and finer dining) at award-winning restaurants in Mexico’s capital.

🍷🍽 Note: Make reservations for all these places, especially for weekend dining.


What can be said about Pujol Mexico City that hasn’t already been said?! It is not only one of the 10 best restaurants in the world, according to the prestigious 50 Best list, but it’s the place that catapulted Mexico City fine dining into the international spotlight.

I’ve been twice, and I can say it 100% lived up to the hype. Enjoy the nine-course Taco Omakase menu or seven-course dinner tasting menu that includes the famous Mole Madre, and a rotating line-up of traditional Mexican cuisine with a twist, at Chef Enrique Olvera’s Pujol restaurant.

places to eat in Mexico City
The famous Mole Madre mole dish at Pujol, one of the most famous restaurants in Ciudad de México. (Photo: Fran Cedillo via Flickr)


Restaurateur Alejandra Flores and her husband, Jorge Vallejo, former Pujol chef de cuisine, opened Quintonil in 2015. It quickly rose to fame, and landed near the top of the 50 Best Latin America list, and hovers around the middle of the 50 Best in the world list!

Sud 777

A favorite high-end Mexican spot in the city, and one of the 50 Best Latin America restaurants. Led by Chef Edgar Nuñez, formerly of Noma in Copenhagen and El Bulli in Barcelona, combines his knowledge of international cooking techniques with local Mexican ingredients.

Rosetta Mexico City is a favorite food spot for locals and visitors alike. (Photo: Rosetta)


Rosetta is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Mexico City, and yet another entry on the 50 Best Latin America list. Mexican Chef Elena Reygadas serves up contemporary Mexican food, hand-made pasta dishes and other international fare at this popular Colonia Roma restaurant.


While the city isn’t exactly known for wine, Amaya restaurant has one of the best wine lists in Mexico City at Amaya restaurant. Enjoy a rotating menu of modern Mexican cuisine by Chef Jaír Téllez, in a hip yet rustic dining room that’s decorated with vibrant artwork.

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Vegan Food in Mexico City

While Mexico is undeniably a meat-heavy country, the Mexico City vegan scene is well known as the country’s best. Some of the city’s standout places are listed below ⤵

🌱 The Vegan Mexican Food Tour will give you an even better taste of Mexico City vegan food, which will surprise you at how delicious it is.

Por Siempre Taquería Vegana

This is the undisputed king of Mexico City vegan tacos, and one of the few places both vegans and non-vegans alike seem to champion. There are good reasons for this — namely that the Por Siempre seitan al chimichurri and tacos al pastor are ahh-mazing!

There are two Por Siempre Vegan Tacos locations, just around the block from one another. Por Siempre II is an actual restaurant, while the original Por Siempre is a street tacos cart — which always has a long line, so you might want to opt for the restaurant.

Vegamo Centro

Located in the heart of Mexico City, this trendy vegan outpost in Centro Historico serves classic cafe fare with a Mexican twist, as well as smoothies, shakes and coffee drinks. If you’re looking for vegan food in Downtown Mexico, Vegamo Centro is definitely your best option.

tacos with veggies and bright pink tortillas
The famous Mexico City pink tacos at La Pitahaya Vegan Cafe. (Photo: La Pitahaya Vegana via Facebook)

La Pitahaya Vegana

In a city with more and more vegan options opening each month, La Pitahaya stands out in the Mexico City vegan food scene with their pretty pink tortillas. The menu rotates for seasonality, so you’ll get to try a variety of unique veggies, like huitlacoche and flor de calabaza!

Their Roma Norte cafe is the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy your Instagram worthy Mexico City tacos and people-watch on a nice day. They have another location in the Coyoacan neighborhood, not far from the Frida Kahlo Museum AKA Casa Azul (Blue House).

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Restaurants in Roma Mexico City


Contramar is on every foodie’s CDMX restaurants list, thanks to Chef Gabriela Camara’s seafood creations. The restaurant is worth the hype, as one of the best places for lunch in Mexico City (they close at 8pm), and for the fun people-watching.

Some of the standout, best dishes at Contramar include their tostadas de atun (tuna tostadas) and their signature red and green pescado a la talla (seen below ⤵), one of the most is Instagrammable Mexico City dishes!

Maximo Bistrot

The menu changes daily, so you never know what you’ll get at Maximo Bistrot, but whatever it is, it’s going to be delicious! One of the 50 Best Latin America restaurants, Chef Eduardo Garcia (formerly of Pujol and Le Bernardin in NYC) fuses French techniques and Mexican ingredients.

Panaderia Rosetta

What started in a little space with a small bakery, has turned into a full-fledged Mexico City brunch spot! Led by Chef Elena Reygadas, Panaderia Rosetta Cafe has the same bakery items that made her famous, and now a full menu of popular breakfast, brunch and lunch favorites to enjoy.

🧁 Panaderia Rosetta Bakery

If there’s no tables or the wait is too long, just grab her famous rol de guayaba (guava roll) and a cappuccino, and walk to nearby Plaza Rio de Janeiro Park to enjoy them.

Guava pastry and coffee
The famous rol de guayaba (guava roll) from Panaderia Rosetta Mexico City.

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Restaurants in Condesa Mexico City

Molino El Pujol

If you can’t get a reservation at Pujol in Polanco, head to Chef Enrique Olvera’s casual neighborhood spot, Molino El Pujol. Though owned by one of the biggest names in Mexican cuisine, Molino is essentially a traditional tortilleria (fresh corn tortillas shop), albeit an elevated version.

🥖 Note: If you want breakfast before you head to Pujol el Mulino, check out the famous to La Esquina del Chilaquil just around the corner to try the famous Mexico City chilaquiles torta.

places to eat in Mexico City
Tacos at Mulino el Pujol Mexico City, in the hip La Condesa neighborhood. (Photo: Gourmandj via Flickr)


Merotoro is a Baja California Mexican restaurant led by Chef Jaír Téllez. The front of the restaurant is a semi-open patio that looks out onto popular Amsterdam Avenue, so there’s great people-watching while you dine on a menu of meat and seafood dishes, bursting with different flavors.

As a Baja Mexico restaurant, MeroToro has a nice selection of Mexican wines from Valle de Guadalupe, AKA the Napa of Mexico, located in Baja California near Ensenada. They also happen to have my favorite dish in all Mexico City — octopus with sweetbreads and salicornia (sea bean).

Side Note: My second favorite thing to eat in Mexico City was the roasted bone marrow with crispy octopus chicharron and salsa borracha (meaning “drunk salsa”) at Bellopuerto in Polanco 🤤


Lardo is one of several restaurants from Chef Elena Reygadas on this list — Rosetta, Cafe Nin and Panadería Rosetta being the others. At this point, she needs little introduction as one of the most famous Mexico City chefs of them all.

In my personal experience, Lardo has the best ambiance, with large glass windows and a French café feel. The menu also has a decidedly French feel to it, with cured meats and gorgeous salads for lunch, and creative quiches and pastries on the breakfast menu.

places to eat in Mexico City
The bar surrounding the open kitchen at Lardo Mexico City in Condesa! (Photo: Lardo)

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Restaurants in Polanco Mexico City


You may have noticed Pujol appeared earlier on this list as well, and that’s for good reason! For foodies (and, ahem, food snobs) this is quite simply known as the best restaurant in Mexico City — hands down. Pujol menu highlights include the Street Snacks and Mole Madre.

You’ll find Pujol on every Best Restaurant List for Mexico City! (Photo: Adam Goldberg via Flickr)


Nicos is located just a bit north of Polanco, but it’s worth the trip. Another one of the Mexico City restaurants on the 50 Best Latin America list, Nicos Mexico City has been satisfying diners for more than 60 years, in a friendly yet unpretentious atmosphere.

Architect-turned-chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo heads up Nicos, which his mother, María Elena Lugo Zermeño, opened in 1957. His creative dishes take diners on an odyssey through Mexico’s rich culinary heritage, with locally-sourced ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

Taquería El Turix

Of all the best neighborhoods in Mexico City, Polanco is known as the most posh. El Turix, however, is a true locals’ place and among the best Mexico City hidden gems. They serve only cochinita pibil, one of the best dishes in Yucatan cuisine, made from suckling pig that’s slow-roasted underground.

🌮 Note: Try your cochinita pibil in a panucho instead of a regular tortilla. Panuchos are tortillas stuffed with refried beans, then fried, for an extra depth of flavor and a crispy texture.

Dulce Patria

Mexican Chef Martha Ortiz creates works of art with her dishes at Dulce Patria, one of the best Polanco restaurants in Mexico City. Though the menu features many of the traditional foods you’d find on most Mexico City menus, once they come out — prepare to be wowed!

places to eat in Mexico City
Every meal is a fun meal at Dulce Patria, one of the best restaurants Polanco has. (Photo: Carlitos via Flickr)

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Restaurants in Centro Historico (Downtown)

Azul Historico

For an upscale and traditional dining experience, head to Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita’s Azul Histórico, located inside a gorgeous art deco building. As you walk in, you’ll see the ladies making the fresh corn and flour tortillas you’ll enjoy at this great place in Downtown Mexico City.

🍽 Note: There are three Azul restaurant Mexico City locations — Azul Condesa, Azul y Oro and Azul Histórico, the original location.

After eating, check out the amazing boutique shops, including the award-winning Que Bo! chocolate shop. They serve some amazing prehispanic drinking chocolates you won’t find in many other places, like atole and tejate.

places to eat in Mexico City
Azul Historico sits high atop any list of Mexico City top restaurants. (Photo: Azul Historico)


The first thing you’ll notice Limosneros is its unique ambiance — where rustic stone walls meet ornate, vintage chandeliers. The whole restaurant has sort of an Old World meets New World vibe, with dishes made in the classic Mexican tradition, but with an unexpected, modern twist.

El Cardenal

El Cardenal is a Mexico City food institution. It’s only open for breakfast and lunch, but breakfast is the perfect time to try their amazing hot chocolate. It’s prepared tableside with a traditional molinillo (wooden whisk utensil) — one of the best ways to make hot chocolate!

🇲🇽 Mexico City Fun Fact: Head to La Ópera in downtown to see the Pancho Villa bullet hole! In 1910, Villa fired his gun at the ceiling near the bar, and you can still see the bullet hole to this day (though you may have to ask the bartender to point it out).

Restaurante Cafe de Tacuba

Café de Tacuba restaurant, open since 1912, is one of the most historic Mexico City restaurants. Located in the Zocalo (Main Square in Downtown), the restaurant is teeming with excitement — from the large murals on the walls to the mariachi bands serenading you while you eat.

places to eat in Mexico City
At more than 110-years-old, Cafe de Tacuba has a history new restaurants can never compete with. (Photo: Luis Pussetto via Flickr)

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Brunch in Mexico City


Owned by Chef Eduardo Garcia of Maximo Bistrot — Lalo is a nickname for Eduardo — his casual yet cool Lalo restaurant is one of my favorite places for brunch in Roma. A communal table restaurant, Lalo Mexico City has one long table that seats 30, and a few smaller tables throughout.

Cafe Nin

One of the best spots for Mexico City, people line up all morning to eat brunch here, and for good reason — the food is excellent and the ambiance is charming. Located in the up-and-coming Juarez neighborhood, Cafe Nin is on the list of restaurants everyone wants to try, so get there early!

You can’t discuss Mexico City best restaurants without mentioning Cafe Nin. (Photo: Cafe Nin via Instagram)


Located in an amazing location just off Parque Mexico, a beautiful park in Condesa, Maque is a great place for al fresco dining and people-watching. Enjoy sweet and savory brunch dishes, as well as fresh-baked pastries at this bakery/restaurant.

Ojo de Agua

Admittedly, a lot of the food in Mexico City is heavy! When you want a light meal, Ojo de Agua is your place. It’s a Mexico chain, with locations in places like Playa del Carmen, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta, and of course, Mexico City, best known for their light, healthy fare.

San Angel Inn

Located in an old monastery, the San Angel Inn is known as one of the best places to eat in Mexico City. For the perfect Mexico City day, book an outdoor table for Saturday brunch in a beautiful, historic setting, before heading to the Bazar Sabado (San Angel Saturday Market) to shop.

best places to eat in mexico city
The San Angel Inn Mexico City is one of the prettiest places for brunch in the entire city! (Photo: San Angel Inn)

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Churros in Mexico City (& Sweets Treats)

Churrería El Moro

El Moro Churreria (churro shop) has long been a favorite of locals for the freshest, best Mexico City churros. However, a few years back, photos of their Consuelo — an ice cream sandwich made with two coiled churros on the outside — went viral, and the rest is history for this beloved local food.

churro ice cream sandwich at El Moro | places to eat in Mexico City
The Consuelo churro ice cream sandwich from Churreria El Moro Mexico City. (Photo: Ulterior Epicure via Flickr)

Secret Donut Society

The hidden donut shop in Roma Norte! This fun experience starts by finding the place, as it’s the Secret Donut Society, after all. However, it gets more and more popular with each passing year, so the secret’s at least kind of out.

The Secret Donut Society is located at Tabasco 262, Roma Norte (map) — just look for a neon sign outside that says “Please do not smile at strangers,” and a window display that looks like a bathroom. If you’re planning to eat at Taqueria Orinoco, it’s right around the corner.

​​Pastelería Ideal

🧁 Note: There are a few locations, but head to the one in Centro Historico (Historic Center, or Downtown Mexico City) to see the biggest and best of them all.

Among the best bakeries in Mexico City, there’s bread, pastries, cakes and desserts everywhere you look — from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling! Before leaving, head up to the second floor which is basically a museum of colorful Mexican wedding cakes.

best places to eat in mexico city
​​Pasteleria Ideal is one of the best places to go in Mexico City to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Best Markets in Mexico City (Mercados)

Mercado Roma

A hip Roma Norte food hall with food stalls from some of the best restaurants in Mexico City, as well as small shops selling locally-made, artisanal products. Head to the top floor for a cold beer at the lively Biergarten Roma, a traditional German beer garden in Mexico City.

The best food hall in Mexico City, and a cool spot both during the day and at night.

Mercado Medellin

A traditional Mexican mercado (market), perfect for snapping some colorful photos and also eating. The Moloch Cochinita Pibil food stand is known for their amazing cochinita pibil, and Carnitas Meche y Rafael has some of the best carnitas in Mexico City.

🛍 Looking for more of the best Mexico City markets? Don’t miss Mercado Jamaica, the flower market, and Mercado La Ciudadela, one of the best places to shop for souvenirs in Mexico City.

Mercado de Coyoacan

Located in the Mexico City neighborhood of Coyoacan, one of the oldest and host historic parts of the city, you’ll find the Coyoacan Market. This local mercado (market) is well known as the place to find the best tostadas in Mexico City.

🙃 Mexico City Travel Tip: Traditional Mexico City markets can be intimidating, especially if you don’t speak Spanish! Consider a guided tour, like the Eat & Explore Local Markets Tour, so you comfortably navigate these bustling mercados

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

Bonus: Best Bars in Mexico City

Casa Franca

Catch some live jazz at Casa Franca, one of the best bars in Roma Norte Mexico City! Located inside of an old Victorian mansion, each room is as unique as the amazing musicians who play there. Enjoy creative cocktails and tapas as well.

🥁 Note: Make a reservation if you want a table.

Licorería Limantour

Not far from Casa Franca on popular Avenida Álvaro Obregón in Roma Norte, you’ll find one of the most popular Mexico City bars. Limantour has a few locations in the city, but the one in Roma tends to be the most fun — and was voted #6 on the 50 Best Bars in the World list

Casa Franca is one of the best cocktail bars in Mexico City. (Photo: Emmanuel Rodriguez via Facebook)

Pulquería los Insurgentes

Sample pulque, called the “drink of the gods” by the Aztecs, at this lively Roma Norte bar. 🧉 Wondering, Just what is pulque (pronounced pull-kay)? This Pulquera Tasting in Mexico City is the perfect tour to learn about pulque and sample it at the best pulque bars in Mexico City.

Hotel Condesa DF

The downstairs shops always have a unique selection of cool clothing and jewelry, but the real magic is on the roof. Hotel Condesa DF has one of the best rooftop bars in Mexico City, and this trendy spot doesn’t disappoint for its creative cocktails, hip decor and amazing views.

rooftop bar in mexico city, hotel condesa df
Hotel Condesa DF has the best rooftop bar in Condesa — and is one of the best boutique hotels in Mexico City. (Photo: Hotel Condesa DF)

Mama Rumba

Mama Rumba is one of the best bars in Roma Norte, and best places in Mexico City to dance salsa. 💃🕺🏼 Need a dance partner? Book the CDMX Salsa Lovers Dance Experience, hosted by Salsa Lovers Worldwide, an international salsa dancing group.

La Clandestina

La Clandestina is one of the best mezcal bars in Mexico City. It has dive bar vibes, low-ceilinged space feels and plenty of artisanal mezcals to try. Located right next door, there’s also La Lavandería, which makes creative mezcal cocktails for a fun night out in the Mexican capital.

🥃 Want to learn about mezcal while drinking it? Book the Mexico City Mezcal Tasting Tour — which has a near-five star rating and more than 1,000 reviews!

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Eat in Mexico City

They say it’s hard to eat a bad meal in Mexico City. After living there for about a year, I know this to be true! It really is one of the best cities to eat in, and truly earns a spot as one of the most popular food travel destinations in Mexico.

Though there is definitely good Mexican food in the United States and beyond, you really haven’t eaten Mexican food until you’ve been to Mexico. From upscale dining to 50¢ tacos from street vendors — you’re going to love trying all the best places to eat in Mexico City.